Via Massarenti 20 (zona San Siro), 20100 Milano.
+39 3886954499



We integrate different knowledge and learning, weaving and connecting the different art therapies and expressive languages with each other



We turn to public and private institutions, schools and companies dealing with issues of interculture, relationships and skills


Projects realized

Thanks to the various contributions, since 2014 we have carried out multiple projects centered on relationships and personal care


San Siro women shared circle

Interweaving of threads, weaves of cultures

What we propose

We promote a culture of welcome and inclusive community, based on dialogue and meeting with oneself and the other in full awareness of the richness and beauty of diversity

Community celebrations

Together we rediscover and cultivate the dimension of the party, intended as a meeting place for one or more communities.

Individual itineraries

Space aimed at the individual person to help them achieve a state of greater personal and relational well-being.

Rites of passage

We value the changes of an individual in a profound and significant way, helping him to elaborate important steps.

Group workshops

We organize weekly group meetings where the arts intertwine and dialogue offering new possibilities of expression.

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