Women4integration (European Union – ASYLUM, MIGRATION AND INTEGRATION Funds)

The WOMEN4INTEGRATION project is carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Milan, The Frame of Arts APS, Plan C, Politecnico di Milano (in Italy), Yalla Trappan, University of Malmö (in Sweden), Netwerkpro (in the Netherlands) and Fundación Surt (in Spain) and has the following objectives:

  1. Support the capacity of migrant women living in deprived areas of large European metropolises by encouraging their full integration into social life and gender equality, promoting a new model of interaction with local institutions and services.
  2. Identify and enhance the professional skills of migrant women and facilitate their stable integration into the labor market.
  3. Designing a territorial approach that contributes to the integration of migrant women in disadvantaged neighborhoods by promoting the transfer of experiences, knowledge and practices with the project partners.
  4. Improve the management capacity of local institutions and actors on the issue of integration of migrant women through awareness-raising activities, the dissemination of project results and the sharing of experiences.